Write Naked!

Here’s a list of links to all the blog-based chapters in Write Naked!  Unfortunately, I did not write the original version in the same order as assembled in the text book.  I realize this may cause some confusion. Don’t let it throw you! The links listed below will take you to the equivalent of the chapter noted, even though the “Part” numbers won’t match when you get to the blog version. That’s not all that’ll be different. The textbook versions have seen additional editing, and I’ve added exercises to most of them. There’s also an Appendix with additional worksheets and exercises. Sorry, you only get those in the printed version. HOWEVER, the illustrations in the printed version are all black and white, while those here in the blog version are in gorgeous color. (Whee!) Life is all about trade-offs, right?glasses

Herewith, the blog version of Write Naked!Front cover small

Sadly, chapter 42 is bonus material. I never posted it in a blog. I might, some day, but who knows? I’ve got a lot of stuff to cover first. So, maybe buying the book wouldn’t be such a bad investment after all. Just sayin’….


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