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What I Learned Writing “The Music of Her Life”

This is the second post in a series about the writing experience — first-hand accounts of the hardships and joys of the creative process. Judy McManus, a gifted writer, client, and former student penned an outstanding first work, and she’s … Continue reading

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Why bother with writing exercises?

If you’re inspired enough to take a writing class of some sort, you’re almost certain to be presented with a creative challenge of one kind or another. Usually, these are in the form of writing exercises. Some writer friends of … Continue reading

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What you need is…

…A Time and a Place I’ve often heard people talk about something called “writer’s block,” but the ones doing the talking are rarely writers, by which I mean folks who spend a good deal of time, day-to-day, stringing words together … Continue reading

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You’re stuck? Too bad. How to write a novel–part 34

Where did it all go wrong? Your story was cooking along nicely right up until– Hm. Somehow, somewhere along the way, something happened–either to the plot or your enthusiasm. Maybe both. Or maybe it was something else, some wrong turn, loose end, or … Continue reading

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64,382 words into the new book, and suddenly

I have this great urge to start killing off characters. It’s probably not even their fault. Although, come to think of it, the way some of them have been acting lately, it’s like they’re asking for it. One player in … Continue reading

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