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Audio memoir–Part four

We’ve reached the final installment of the audio memoir topic of recording gear. If you’re not satisfied with basic, entry-level audio for your recorded memoir, you’re in good company. What, after all, is the point of putting in all the time … Continue reading

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A different “take” on audio memoir

The audio part isn’t so hard, but the pix…. In working on my memoir textbook, I reached the section about doing a recorded version of one’s story, which I reasoned wouldn’t be terribly difficult. The content is the same after all, even if the delivery method … Continue reading

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Clearing your throat? How to write a novel–part 20

What is it that makes the work of one writer “better” than that of another? If all else is similarly competent–grammar, punctuation, spelling and mechanics–what elevates story “A” above story “B”? One could argue that plot, characterization, setting, and verisimilitude … Continue reading

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