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Remakes are fine for Hollyweed

Do you really and truly want to write something that’s not only been done before, but done to death? Ick. And suddenly, an imagined protest from one of my students pops into my head: “Gimme a break! I’m no genius. How … Continue reading

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Story Telling vs. Storytelling

There’s a distinct difference between storytelling, in the traditional sense, and telling your story, especially if you haven’t yet written it down. Novelists are storytellers; there’s no question about that. Some are better than others, certainly, but the job description … Continue reading

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The More Things Change? Nah. How to write a novel–part 31

We tend to hear (and repeat) the same things over and over, and when we do, we often bestow the status of “truth” upon them, even when they may not have earned it. Thus it is with “the more things change, the … Continue reading

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