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It’s All About the Sex — Part 1

If you’re writing a novel for adults, and these days “adult” often means Young Adult, too, there’s a very good chance you’ll need to include some sort of sex scene. Many writers new to the craft approach this opportunity with … Continue reading

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Chapters vs short stories

A writer friend of mine occasionally takes a chapter from one of her books and fashions it into a short story which she then puts on the market. She’s managed to sell several of those tales. And, since she has … Continue reading

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Story or joke? How to write a novel–part 32

“Two dinosaurs walk into a bar…” For most of the 20th century folks believed our species evolved into something like its “modern” form around 40,000 years ago. I suspect that’s about the time we started telling jokes, too. Jokes are the simplest … Continue reading

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Hie thee to the discomfort zone! How to write a novel — Part 13

It seems like everyone at one time or another must face the prospect of doing something they’re not good at. Most recently for me, that moment came when I was tasked with making an announcement about an upcoming event at … Continue reading

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One more time…

While digging through the digital detritus on my hard drive — the stuff never seems to stop breeding — I happened upon a book trailer produced for Druids, my first published novel. I somehow managed to forget about it, even … Continue reading

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