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What’s a tree? (Encore)

My niece, a medical receptionist, witnessed something inspiring last week in the waiting room at the doctor’s office where she works. There were a number of people waiting to see the doctor, and among them was a little girl about … Continue reading

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Countering the memoir’s kiss of death

When talking to my students (and clients) about their memoirs, I notice we all tend to avoid the 800-pound gorilla in the garret: boredom. Sadly, far too many of the memoirs being produced today suffer from this condition. They just … Continue reading

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I write fiction, not memoir. Or do I?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve told folks I make stuff up for a living. Depending on who I’m talking to, I may substitute a different S-word for “stuff.” Shock value, y’know. It’s important sometimes. So how do … Continue reading

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Writing for the nose. How to write a novel–part 15

Seriously? Write for the nose? Yep. It may not be the fastest route to the brain, but it’s pretty damned quick. Smells are triggers that can set off a variety of responses. Don’t believe me?┬áTry giving two seconds worth of … Continue reading

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