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Go ahead, create a scene.

Writers and non-writers have completely different notions about what a scene is. Non-writers rarely think about those that don’t feature someone being outraged over something. I suspect too many who spend time aligning verbs and nouns overlook how significant “our” … Continue reading

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Why bother with writing exercises?

If you’re inspired enough to take a writing class of some sort, you’re almost certain to be presented with a creative challenge of one kind or another. Usually, these are in the form of writing exercises. Some writer friends of … Continue reading

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How to write a novel — part 1

Since I’ve finished ten novels, I have a pretty clear idea how it’s done. And, with the exception of my first effort, which now resides in a landfill somewhere, I fully believe the books I’ve written are worth reading. Those … Continue reading

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A little bit at a time

A dear friend asked me today how I managed to write so fast. When I recovered from the shock of the implication that I might–actually–write [cough, wheeze] fast, I tried to put her question in context. {Stop laughing, damnit!} She … Continue reading

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