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Shameless Self-Promotion!

Every week, for about five years now, I’ve posted something about writing. I’ve strayed a couple times, but the bulk of my posts have been about the craft. It begs a couple questions: Why do I do it? What’s the … Continue reading

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The Scoop on the Scouts

Sorry, this isn’t about kid scouting. It’s about horn-blowing. My own, actually. And something called Kindle Scout. And my new book. More about that anon. One of the hardest things for independent authors to do is self-promote. Doing it well … Continue reading

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What am I doing here when I could be writing? (Originally posted on Goodreads.com Feb. 17, 2013.)

Most of the fiction writers I know would rather work on new material than spend their energy promoting completed projects. I’ve had agents; I’ve had publishers, and I’ve generated material independently, but no matter how my stories went public, they … Continue reading

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