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That Point of View thing

Television and the movies have had a tremendous impact on the way we perceive things. It’s rare when a TV show or film allows the viewer to see only what one character sees. And yet, such a limited viewpoint is … Continue reading

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Why bother with writing exercises?

If you’re inspired enough to take a writing class of some sort, you’re almost certain to be presented with a creative challenge of one kind or another. Usually, these are in the form of writing exercises. Some writer friends of … Continue reading

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Time for a pat on the back…

In one of my classes recently, the writing assignment called for a scene written from the point of view of a non-human character. The idea was to push writers out of their comfort zones and force them to attempt something … Continue reading

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Plot vs. Character?

For as long as I can remember, people in the writing community have debated the issue of plot versus character — which should drive a story? One side of the argument claims a complex plot will generate enough conflict to … Continue reading

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Who you lookin’ at? How to write a novel–Last part

I’m close to wrapping up my series on novel writing. It’s been fun, and I’ve covered a lot of ground. That said, there’s always something else I could add. For now I’m going to dig into a topic I missed along the way, … Continue reading

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