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Must Your Novel Have Multiple Storylines?

Nope. But it might be a better novel if it did. That’s not to say single viewpoint stories can’t be successful. NYT bestselling author Harlan Coben has proven that repeatedly. While his stories almost always stick to a single viewpoint … Continue reading

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That’s not an outline! How to write a novel–part 28

It’s usually not a good idea to generalize about writers; their sheer numbers provide an army of folks who defy the norms. While pundits and professors are busy making lists of techniques, charting dos and don’ts, and codifying creativity, the … Continue reading

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Why you need “good” bad guys. How to write a novel — part 6

If you don’t take your bad guys seriously, how can you expect your readers to feel any differently? We’re talking about villains here, and for most adult fiction, two dimensional bad guys like Snidely Whiplash rate no better than what … Continue reading

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Putting meat on the bones. How to write a novel — part 2

Motive, action, consequence. Is that all there is? Well, actually, no. But it’s a start. Watch carefully now. And see? There’s nothing up my sleeves…. Okay, let’s say you’ve got a character in mind. Let’s call him Al. Fair ’nuff? This … Continue reading

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