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Oh, those damned middles!

You know how it starts, and you know how it ends. Now what? For many, including most of my writing students, the gaping black hole which sits between the beginning and the end of a story can be daunting. How … Continue reading

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Twain said it:

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” [Herewith, the third guest post from a writer friend, all of whom do this a lot better than I. Makes me think I should rent this space … Continue reading

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That’s not an outline! How to write a novel–part 28

It’s usually not a good idea to generalize about writers; their sheer numbers provide an army of folks who defy the norms. While pundits and professors are busy making lists of techniques, charting dos and don’ts, and codifying creativity, the … Continue reading

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