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Where Should A Story Start?

A story starts at the beginning, right? <cue uproarious laughter> Well, yeah, it should. The problem is, most neophyte novelists think they have to supply a dump truck load of information about their character and his or her situation before … Continue reading

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That’s not an outline! How to write a novel–part 28

It’s usually not a good idea to generalize about writers; their sheer numbers provide an army of folks who defy the norms. While pundits and professors are busy making lists of techniques, charting dos and don’ts, and codifying creativity, the … Continue reading

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Back to the salt mine

Oh yeah! It’s that time again. My spring classes are complete. No more preparation required. All the associated note-writing, web surfing, and lesson shaping have been wrapped up and tucked away for the next term. Now it’s time to jump … Continue reading

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Williamsburg woes, part deux….

It turns out I’m not done with the whole Colonial Williamsburg thing. In fact, I’ve stayed awake nights lately fretting about newly discovered details (new for me, anyway) concerning life in the 18th century. Seriously, how many of these things … Continue reading

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How much is enough?

I’m reminded of those uber-annoying commercials featuring lip-twisting matrons agonizing over the proper number of prunes needed to insure regularity. Bleah! What caused me to dredge up such a memory? A trip to Colonial Williamsburg, of all places. With my … Continue reading

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