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Characters with… character. part 1 of 3

For most readers, novels are judged by the degree to which readers care for the players in the story. Character-driven stories haven’t just evolved; they’re as old as storytelling itself. And yet, far too many novice novelists concentrate more on plots than … Continue reading

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Drama in a memoir?

There’s drama in life, so why not in the documentation of a life as well? We’ve all experienced moments where an outcome wasn’t guaranteed. The concept isn’t limited to sports or warfare. Who hasn’t taken a test of some kind, … Continue reading

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I’ll have a “MAC memoir”

Okay, it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m not talking about a manuscript and some rabbit food on a sesame seed bun. What I’m referring to are the basic building blocks of any good story, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. The acronym for this magic formula … Continue reading

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Help! My characters suck. How to write a novel — part 5

It happens sometimes. A character you think has potential turns out to be a white bread bore. And as we all know, boring is bad. You might be able to write flawless prose; your descriptions might be crisp and insightful; … Continue reading

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Putting meat on the bones. How to write a novel — part 2

Motive, action, consequence. Is that all there is? Well, actually, no. But it’s a start. Watch carefully now. And see? There’s nothing up my sleeves…. Okay, let’s say you’ve got a character in mind. Let’s call him Al. Fair ’nuff? This … Continue reading

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How to write a novel — part 1

Since I’ve finished ten novels, I have a pretty clear idea how it’s done. And, with the exception of my first effort, which now resides in a landfill somewhere, I fully believe the books I’ve written are worth reading. Those … Continue reading

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