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Is Your Sex Scene Worthwhile?

When working with beginning novelists and reviewing their work, I’m often tasked with reading their very first sex scenes. One might be tempted to say, “You lucky dawg! You get to jump straight to the good stuff.” But, one would … Continue reading

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Characters with… character. part 1 of 3

For most readers, novels are judged by the degree to which readers care for the players in the story. Character-driven stories haven’t just evolved; they’re as old as storytelling itself. And yet, far too many novice novelists concentrate more on plots than … Continue reading

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Drama in a memoir?

There’s drama in life, so why not in the documentation of a life as well? We’ve all experienced moments where an outcome wasn’t guaranteed. The concept isn’t limited to sports or warfare. Who hasn’t taken a test of some kind, … Continue reading

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I’ll have a “MAC memoir”

Okay, it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m not talking about a manuscript and some rabbit food on a sesame seed bun. What I’m referring to are the basic building blocks of any good story, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. The acronym for this magic formula … Continue reading

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Help! My characters suck. How to write a novel — part 5

It happens sometimes. A character you think has potential turns out to be a white bread bore. And as we all know, boring is bad. You might be able to write flawless prose; your descriptions might be crisp and insightful; … Continue reading

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Putting meat on the bones. How to write a novel — part 2

Motive, action, consequence. Is that all there is? Well, actually, no. But it’s a start. Watch carefully now. And see? There’s nothing up my sleeves…. Okay, let’s say you’ve got a character in mind. Let’s call him Al. Fair ’nuff? This … Continue reading

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How to write a novel — part 1

Since I’ve finished ten novels, I have a pretty clear idea how it’s done. And, with the exception of my first effort, which now resides in a landfill somewhere, I fully believe the books I’ve written are worth reading. Those … Continue reading

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