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I don’t wanna push it, but….

  Getting behind, for me, is inevitable, damn it. I’ve got lots of stuff to do, and when it comes to saying “No!” to new projects, I suck harder than the Atlanta Braves in the post season–and coming from a die-hard Bravos fan, … Continue reading

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That’s not an outline! How to write a novel–part 28

It’s usually not a good idea to generalize about writers; their sheer numbers provide an army of folks who defy the norms. While pundits and professors are busy making lists of techniques, charting dos and don’ts, and codifying creativity, the … Continue reading

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What am I doing here when I could be writing? (Originally posted on Goodreads.com Feb. 17, 2013.)

Most of the fiction writers I know would rather work on new material than spend their energy promoting completed projects. I’ve had agents; I’ve had publishers, and I’ve generated material independently, but no matter how my stories went public, they … Continue reading

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