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Revisiting thoughts from the past…

This has been a tough week, for meeting editing commitments and dealing with the loss of a beloved brother. So, rather than let the week go by without a post, I’m doing a remake of one I first cranked out five … Continue reading

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Aw geez, another textbook?

Another textbook? Yeah. Another one. And one that makes me pretty damned proud. I spend a great deal of time with folks my age and older, and the one thing many of us have in common is the desire to leave … Continue reading

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It’s never too early, or too late, to start writing

My oldest grandchild, Alexis, who just turned nine, found a way to shock me this past week–in a most wonderful way. She told me she’s been keeping a journal for the past year. It’s chock full of her thoughts, jokes she’s … Continue reading

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Just focus, right? Oy.

I’m supposed to be doing a series of blog posts about memoir writing. All I have to do is dole out insightful, inspiring, useful, and easy-to-adapt advice on the tricky art of telling one’s very own story. Easy-peasy, right? Sure. … Continue reading

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