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Do you need to take a research trip?

For many writers of historical fiction, the place they’re writing about is nowhere near the place where they live. And, unless they have a great deal of extra cash in their budget, going to those places will be difficult if … Continue reading

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Plot vs. Character?

For as long as I can remember, people in the writing community have debated the issue of plot versus character — which should drive a story? One side of the argument claims a complex plot will generate enough conflict to … Continue reading

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While we’re on the topic of sex scenes… How to write a novel–part 14

If you’re anything like me–human, mostly–and you’ve spent any time at the beach, you’re probably already aware that the ratio of truly beautiful people to the rest of us is, well, pretty damned small. And I mean “beautiful” in the … Continue reading

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Well, look what I just discovered…

Having finally recovered from the celebratory launch of Treason, Treason! I floated back to Earth and began paying attention to the world around me. Since I can’t do anything about Russia, Ukraine, or the Muddle East, I focused on local … Continue reading

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