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Why bother with writing exercises?

If you’re inspired enough to take a writing class of some sort, you’re almost certain to be presented with a creative challenge of one kind or another. Usually, these are in the form of writing exercises. Some writer friends of … Continue reading

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Remakes are fine for Hollyweed

Do you really and truly want to write something that’s not only been done before, but done to death? Ick. And suddenly, an imagined protest from one of my students pops into my head: “Gimme a break! I’m no genius. How … Continue reading

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Editing Apps Can Make Our Stuff Perfect!

Bullsh Uh, make that, “No.” For proof, look no further than the “auto-correct” option on your (alleged) smartphone, a function that’s generated more embarrassment than all the unintended pregnancies on record. I’ll admit, technology can improve our work. Word processors alone easily … Continue reading

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When it flows

When humans write, certain things happen in our brains that help us do what we do. The more we write, the more we train our gray matter to blot out distractions. Rather than think about the laundry that isn’t getting … Continue reading

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