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Literally? Seriously? (Encore)

It occurs to me that many of the people I used to work with–computer programmers for the most part–were very literal thinkers. They didn’t endeavor to be assholes, but they often managed the role without much effort. (Some of them were … Continue reading

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Not again! This time I’m 28,857 words in…. (Encore)

I have this great urge to start killing off characters. It’s probably not even their fault. Although, come to think of it, the way some of them have been acting lately, it’s like they’re asking for it. One player, in … Continue reading

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So, I’m sitting here at my machine, and in between sneezes, coughs, and attempts to clear my sinuses (and everything attached thereto), I’m thinking it’s way past time for me to post something useful and writerly. (“Writerly” is a word, … Continue reading

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Must Your Novel Have Multiple Storylines?

Nope. But it might be a better novel if it did. That’s not to say single viewpoint stories can’t be successful. NYT bestselling author Harlan Coben has proven that repeatedly. While his stories almost always stick to a single viewpoint … Continue reading

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Mistakes can be blessings

Usually when I make a mistake, it’s something that continues to kick me in the head no matter whether I admit it or not. There’s always payback. Bent nails, split wood, crooked trim, creaky hinges–the list goes on and on. And … Continue reading

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Twain said it:

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” [Herewith, the third guest post from a writer friend, all of whom do this a lot better than I. Makes me think I should rent this space … Continue reading

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Never too old to learn

[Posted previously, in error, for about two minutes. I apologize to everyone who tried to comment on the original post which disappeared so quickly.  The error was entirely mine. –Josh] I’m pleased to share this guest post from a wonderful … Continue reading

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Help! My characters suck. How to write a novel — part 5

It happens sometimes. A character you think has potential turns out to be a white bread bore. And as we all know, boring is bad. You might be able to write flawless prose; your descriptions might be crisp and insightful; … Continue reading

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