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Ahem. [tap, tap] Is This Thing On? [breath]

As if the list of things writers must do, other than actually write, wasn’t long enough, now I understand we need to make our work available in audio form. I won’t go into why so many people prefer to hear … Continue reading

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Audio memoir–part three

As mentioned before, you don’t need to be a professional sound engineer to create an audio memoir. You do need to be patient and persistent. You also need to be willing to learn some new skills. Thankfully, they aren’t too … Continue reading

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A different “take” on audio memoir

The audio part isn’t so hard, but the pix…. In working on my memoir textbook, I reached the section about doing a recorded version of one’s story, which I reasoned wouldn’t be terribly difficult. The content is the same after all, even if the delivery method … Continue reading

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