Special Offers

Psst! Hey, you. Wanna get a free book? Read on….

cover hi-liteChances are, you just finished the book with this cover illustration, and you’re here because you liked the story and want to read more. That’s wonderful!

I’ll be happy to make that happen. Here’s the deal:

  • 1) You post a short, and hopefully positive review of this, or any other of my titles, on Amazon.com.
  • 2) You notify me by email (JoshLangston@comcast.net) and tell me which review is yours.
  • 3) You give me your email address and the title of the next book (of mine) that you’d like to read.
  • 4) I’ll send you a coupon for a free e-book. You pick the format which works best for you.

But what if you’ve never written a review for Amazon? No problem. Click Here For “How to Write an Amazon Review.”

Now, what happens if you like the next book? That’s easy, come back here and follow the same steps to get another book.

As much as I’d like to send you an autographed paperback, I’m afraid that’s cost prohibitive. However, if you’ll allow me to put your email address on a mailing list, I’ll notify you when future titles become available. And I usually have a drawing to give away some Advance Review Copies. (Insider tip: The ARCs look just like the real thing, because that’s exactly what they are.)

So, there you have it! Say nice things about my stories, and I’ll tell you more. Fair enough?

I think so, and I look forward to hearing from you. Soon!


PS: If you really like a book of mine, you might consider posting a review on Goodreads.com, Smashwords.com, or anywhere else potential readers might see it.

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