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Short fiction is great, but there’s nothing like grabbing a novel and sliding away into a whole different world — a different time, a different place, a different outlook on life. That’s the goal of all my fiction. The short story collections serve as reasonably good introductions to my work. Or you can just take the plunge and dive into one of my adventures. If learning to write is your goal, I’ve got some goodies for you there, too: three humorous textbooks to guide you through the process of learning this noble craft. Check them out on my non-fiction page.

Oh Bits cover jpg smallMy latest novel offering is Oh, Bits! This action/adventure tale takes readers on a madcap journey into and around Atlanta during World War II, a sojourn featuring a host of unusual characters (including an exotic dancer with a peculiar taste in pets, and a gravedigger), an intriguing mystery, a little romance, and Nazi spies. All that, plus a bizarre window into the hereafter.

Who knew the state of Georgia had so much wonderful history? This story revels in it, and you will, too. Look for special offers on

Whisper front cover--smI’m really excited about another fairly new release: The 12,000-year-old Whisper. I think of this book as the oldest love story in North America. And by old, I mean seriously old–this tale goes back to 10,000 BC! But just because it doesn’t feature cell phones or dating services, don’t think it won’t hold your interest. Watch as two romances unfold, 12,000 years apart. I guarantee you’re going to love it!

PIP cover smallI’m also pleased to announce the publication of A Primitive in Paradise, the third book in the Little Primitive series. This volume finds the world’s most fearsome 2-foot tall warrior battling evil in the Hawaiian islands where he uncovers a secret that completely rocks his world, and ours!

If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, you might want to start with A Little Primitive, featured below.

TT cover frontMy most ambitious historical novel to date, Treason, Treason! is ready for you, too. It’s an alternate history story focusing on the exploits and espionage of Benedict Arnold, among others. This story has taken a long time and a great deal of research to produce, and I believe it’s some of the best work I’ve done. It postulates profound differences in both the New World and Europe based on the failure of the American colonies to win their rebellion. With no America to bolster allied forces in WWI, Germany wins; England falls, and the industrial revolution is never fully realized. That’s the world my protagonists wish to change, and doing so requires a one-way trip back to 1780.

Revised Blues cover

Resurrection Blues — My first solo novel. The town of Resurrection doesn’t exist. Residents pay no taxes and receive no services. And they LIKE it that way. So when an IRS auditor called “The Executioner” starts nosing around, everyone in Resurrection gets nervous. Built and populated by country folk, American Indians, and the operators of a traveling carnival, Resurrection has some unique ideas about what life should be like.

Owain cover 2013

Under Saint Owain’s Rock — The last of the four books I co-wrote with my wonderful and talented friend, Barb Galler-Smith, a Canadian writer/editor I have known for years. In this tale, an 800-year old secret threatens the peace of a tiny village in North Wales. Not only does it put at odds two lonely people who seem made for each other, but it draws the attention of the entire world to a scandal that’s just too delicious to ignore. Set in modern day Wales, and populated by some of the most charming (if quirky) folk you’ll ever meet, Under Saint Owain’s Rock is a romantic romp that’ll keep you smiling from the first page to the last.

Little Primitive Cover -- large

A Little Primitive — Book one in a series about a little fellow whose worldview is strictly Stone Age.

Life can be tough, but it’s even tougher if you’re only two feet tall — and utterly uncivilized. When the little primitive stumbles into the world of a reclusive young woman, he changes her life forever. It’s not enough that she must protect herself from an insanely jealous ex-husband, she now has to nurse her tiny, unwanted guest back to health and maintain the secret of his existence!

You’re sure to fall in love with the entire cast.

More Prim 2nd cover thumb

A Little More Primitive — Book two in the continuing saga of Mato, a diminutive Indian who’s only too willing to kick some ass, even though he can’t spell the names.

In this delightful sequel to The Little Primitive, readers not only get reacquainted with the title character but the love of his life, too. And no Josh Langston novel would be complete without a memorable supporting cast. This time it’s a wannabe mobster, an angelic stripper, a pair of villains who can’t even spell ETHICS, and some fishermen who don’t play by anyone’s rules.

Christmas cover exp ed

Christmas Beyond the Box — Here’s a short story collection with something for everyone, and it’s available in Spanish, French, and thanks to my brilliant translator, Kristina Bonsager, is now available in Portuguese. For folks who can’t take the time to read, there’s a fabulous audio version available from It features the work of Paul R. Licamelli, a truly gifted performer.

Beginning with a race of holiday sprites who can’t stand the limelight and ending with an eccentric billionaire who only sees his family the day after Christmas, this collection provides enough laughs, sighs, and insights to satisfy the most discriminating tastes.

Greeley —  Here’s a collection of short stories that all but redefines the genre known for over a century as “Westerns.” All but one of the Greeley stories are available in audiobook format under the title Six From Greeley. The collection is read by the inimitable Vernon Kuehn.

The fictional town of Greeley, Texas, plays host to seven tales, each focusing on a special time, not just for this hardscrabble frontier town, but for the entire country. The timeline stretches from 1864 to 1975 — the Civil War to the aftermath of Vietnam. Sin, it seems, never goes out of style. Some Greeley characters come and go; others appear in multiple stories, and some of the most memorable aren’t even human!

Mysfits large cover 2 gray

Mysfits — The South has an abundance of fascinating folk, and none are more interesting than those populating the contemporary fantasies contained in this quirky volume. A six-pack of urban (and suburban) fantasies, Mysfits delves into the lives of several unique people in extraordinary situations–from an autistic child with a healer’s touch, to a small town witch who volunteers at a local hospital, and many more.

Bonus: Mysfits also includes the first chapter of A Little Primitive, my pseudo-urban fantasy thriller.

scoundrels2 final front revised cover

Who Put Scoundrels in Charge? — Hold on, scoundrels? In charge? Sadly, yes. And we all know some of the voters who put them there. This slender book offers a much-needed break from the politics and political nonsense we’ve lately endured. These charming and (mostly) humorous tales don’t point fingers or suggest who might be right or wrong. Instead, they offer a glimpse at a few fictional scoundrels and some of the folk who either benefit or suffer from them. Also includes the first chapter of Treason, Treason! my alternate history/time travel adventure.

druidsCover_v06FRONTrgb300dpi-c12Druids — Book One in the Druids trilogy, is an historical fantasy set in the first century BC. Two young druids begin their lives in a world dominated by tribal conflict and the ever-present threat of domination by Rome.

Rhonwen, a healer, maintains the culture of the druids in a land ravaged by war. Sworn to an oath of vengeance, she must choose between her duty and her desire. Mallec, a seer, is sent from his warrior tribe to the center of druidic learning. His training fails to prepare him for the discovery of an ancient rite for immortality. Once mastered, he must protect the knowledge from those who thirst for its power and are bent on his destruction.

CaptivesCover_v03FrontRGB-200dpiCaptives — Book two in the Druids saga. The spiritual heart of his clan, Druid Mallec is trusted by all around him. Though confounded by visions of a dark-haired girl, his attention shifts to a series of calamities overwhelming his people. Mallec cannot understand how they lost the favor of the gods, unaware of the work of the evil Driad Dierdre and her plans for his ultimate downfall.

Meanwhile, Rhonwen remains in chains passing from bad master to worse. Repeatedly punished for her stubbornness, but kept alive for her healing skills, Rhonwen survives, unaware of her destiny with Mallec and the betrayal that will put him in chains.

Warriors-270px-100dpi-C8Warriors — Book three of the Druids trilogy is finally available. Gaul is the centerpiece of Julius Caesar’s campaign to rule the world, and only the Celtic tribes stand in his way. Though the warrior bands out-number his legions, they lack leadership and organization. Caesar sends tax collectors at the head of his armies. Some in Gaul pay for this “protection,” but for many, the only choice Caesar offers is slavery or death. Those clans which reject the demands of the conquest-hungry Roman will face the legions, and both men and women shall become warriors.

These warriors must also face many of their own kind, often building alliances on foundations of enmity and mistrust. But even amidst such hostile intrigues and fierce conflict, these same combatants find time for tender passions, too. War is as much a part of life as laughter; danger is as common as celebration. Warriors tells their stories, examines their hopes and fears, and recalls a time when the barbarian version of civilization was actually more “civil” than Rome’s. History may indeed be written by the victors, but that doesn’t mean the vanquished don’t also have wonderful tales to tell.

7 Responses to My Fiction Books

  1. Salty Dawg says:

    Besides starving for a sequel to “Resurrection Blues” and now “A Little More Primitive” which I will write a glowing critique on Amazon, I’m afraid to get hooked on another change of venue for which I’ll beg for another sequel. That is the only fault I can find with your writing: there is no ending to the end of your most entertaining novels. They, instead, leave one hanging and wondering what is going to happen next. Maybe if you’d just end with: and they lived happily ever after…………

  2. joshlangston says:

    You’re a gentleman and a scholar, my friend. And I very much appreciate your suggestion about the “happily ever after” thing. I really need to give that a try. Oh, wait! I already have. Twice, I think. And both books are coming out this year: Warriors in August and Treason, Treason! in mumble-mumble. Patience, grasshoppa….

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  4. We are blessed to have such a wonderful author based locally.

  5. joshlangston says:

    Thank you, Eddie! (Your check’s in the mail…)

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