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Revisting the “lone wolf” label

It’s happened again. Several times, in fact. So rather than present the commentary I’d originally planned for this space, I’m re-running a piece I posted about six months ago. It still applies, more than ever…. Another piece of human waste … Continue reading

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A Word or Two About Attitude

I’m often asked why I teach. The pay, if there is any, is pitiful, and I usually spend more time preparing to teach than I do teaching (although I’m getting a little better about that). The answer is that I … Continue reading

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Mom’s Day musing

My life seems to consist of one split focus after another. I’m astonished at finishing anything. This past week is a good example. Not only did my bride and I share the desperate need to get our house ready to go on … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Organized — Part 2

I suppose I should rename this part:  “Fun With Files!” But then, nah. I get it. Dealing with computer files isn’t something any of us really want to do. On the scale of good times, file maintenance ranks somewhere between flossing and … Continue reading

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Writer Warm Ups

Most of us are creatures of habit. Writers, especially, fall into that category. We’re probably not as bad as big league baseball players who have more rituals than a pasture full of priests, but we, too, can be pretty odd when … Continue reading

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Ho… ho… hum?

Hang on, now, before you unload your holiday blunderbuss at me; I’m really not trying to play Scrooge here. All I’m hoping to do is save you some time developing your memoir, so hear me out. The holidays, obviously, are a source … Continue reading

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Inspiration — Life vs Art

I’m back, finally. Lots of stuff goin’ on in SageLand, but with any luck, I’ll be able to stay in the saddle for awhile. Just think of me as your lovable bloggeroo. Yippyio! While I’m quite aware of seemingly endless … Continue reading

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