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Survive? Without a cell phone?

One can’t, or at least shouldn’t, spend every waking moment chained to a keyboard churning out prose, priceless or otherwise. From time to time, one needs to get out into the real world. As a proud resident of the great … Continue reading

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Time’s Running Out!

There’s not much left of this year, other than a couple of football games, the usual bleating and blathering from the pols–left, right and center–and, of course, tax prep. On the positive side, a new textbook on writing is soon … Continue reading

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Thank God for Support Groups!

The past few weeks have taken an emotional toll, and producing a worthwhile blog post after what my extended family and I have gone through just didn’t seem possible. But it occurred to me, finally, that I was missing an … Continue reading

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Edit your writing; don’t edit your life

  Most of us have had moments in our lives when something bad happened. The scale of “bad” is incredibly broad. It stretches from forgettable to life-changing and covers a  staggering array of situations, actions, reactions, and consequences. For memoir writers, … Continue reading

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The Incredible HC Diet

As mentioned in my last post, I had planned to take some time off for the holidays. That came to pass via unintended means. Rather than celebrate and eat and drink myself into an ever-expanding waistline, I fell into a … Continue reading

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On Writing On Video: Ira Glass

I’m stuck in the Packing Zone. My bride and I are cramming 30-plus years worth of accumulated “treasures” into boxes, bags and bins in preparation for a move to our new address about 40 miles away. We’re “downsizing,” too. That simply means … Continue reading

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Revisting the “lone wolf” label

It’s happened again. Several times, in fact. So rather than present the commentary I’d originally planned for this space, I’m re-running a piece I posted about six months ago. It still applies, more than ever…. Another piece of human waste … Continue reading

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