A Kirkus Review!

This will be a fairly short post, and I realize it’s coming out a wee bit later than usual. However, I’m pretty stoked about it, and I wanted to share it with everyone in case they missed it. Here’s a review of my latest book from Kirkus, one of the most well-respected organizations doing reviews of independently published material.

Below is a screenshot from the Kirkus page about Hyde and Zeke, available from Amazon (and possibly other outlets down the road).

At just a hair under 80,000 words, Hyde and Zeke is a story that should appeal to a very wide audience. It touches on a variety of genres, most notably science fiction and suspense, but adds a dash of horror and a healthy dose of humor as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a fabulous holiday season!


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Grateful and well-loved husband, happy grandparent, novelist, editor, and teacher. My life plate is full, and I couldn't be happier. Anything else I might add would be anticlimactic. Cheers!
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13 Responses to A Kirkus Review!

  1. don says:

    Great book, enjoyable and engaging..

  2. Betty Smith says:


  3. dorisreidy says:

    Great review. Congrats!

  4. Congratulations, Josh! Well deserved!

  5. Karen L Boyce says:

    Super review for a great story, one of my favorites!

  6. Amanda says:

    That is so exciting! Congrats 😁😁😁

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