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A Fairy Free Fairy Tale

It’s Halloween 2022; we’re supposed to post scary stuff, right? Well, this is about as close as I’m liable to get. Yes, I know it’s a bit long, but I think you’ll like it. The Crown and the Crone (Encore) … Continue reading

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Wait! A theme song for a novel?

Movies have theme songs, don’t they? So why wouldn’t something like that be appropriate for a novel? Perhaps in a story about a high school guy whose hobby is photography. And just maybe this guy takes most of the photos … Continue reading

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Tackling Tough Topics (Encore edition)

Some stories are easier to tell than others, and I’m not referring to length or complexity. Sometimes the subject matter takes more of a toll on the writer than the reader. For me, this week’s offering is just such a … Continue reading

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Arty rules are rubbery (Encore edition)

It’s not that I hate saying it; I hate having to say it. Arty rules are rubbery. When writing, whether for a fiction market or in a memoir, the rules aren’t immutable. They weren’t etched in granite via lightning strike or by … Continue reading

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A Breed Apart (Encore edition)

As we swing into fall, I find myself thinking more and more fancifully. This little tale I wrote a couple years back captures a bit of that. Let me know what you think! “C’mon now, Lacy,” her father said as … Continue reading

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