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Coming Soon!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, I’d closed in on the finish line of my new novel, my 18th at last count. This one proved difficult, and the work dragged on for a great deal longer than usual. … Continue reading

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A Completely Different Take on Collaborations

In a recent post, I explained why I thought collaborating on a novel probably isn’t a good idea. It turns out that two wonderful writer friends of mine have a totally different opinion. I thought it only fair to present … Continue reading

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A Conversation About Dialog (Encore)

What is it that makes one novel better than another? What facets of the craft elevate a story from pro forma to profound? The first two are absurdly easy to pinpoint: great characters and intriguing plots. In addition to clear … Continue reading

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My View on Collaborations (Encore)

“Know whut? We should write a novel!” And thus, all too often, are collaborations born. How many times this has occurred is unknowable, although I’d guess the thought has crossed the minds of nearly every writer at one time or … Continue reading

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