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Be patient! I’m 71,233 words in….

It feels like I’ve been working on my new book for decades. I haven’t, but it sure feels like it. Why? Mostly, I think, because I’m telling it in a fashion I’ve never tried before: first-person narrative. That simply means … Continue reading

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What am I doing here when I could be writing? (Encore)

Most of the fiction writers I know would rather work on new material than spend their energy promoting completed projects. I’ve had agents; I’ve had publishers, and I’ve generated material independently, but no matter how my stories went public, they … Continue reading

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I’ve Got This Great Idea For A Book! (Encore)

Now, where do I start? Most writers have some clue about the story they want to write. If they’ve been down the writing road before, they’ll most likely just dive in and start working. Those folks, of course, are pantsers, … Continue reading

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Enough dots already! (Encore)

Someone asked me recently why I wasn’t on Twitter. I almost said, “because I’m already on bourbon.” But then I thought that would be a little too snarky, even if it was true. The real reason is more basic. Based … Continue reading

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