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Huge debate: Prolog or Prologue? (Encore)

Actually, I’ve known writers crazy enough to get into arguments over nonsense like this. Toe-may-toe or Toe-mah-toe? Prologue or Prolog? Seriously? The awful truth is they’re completely missing the point. Either spelling is okay, but using either is not. At least, … Continue reading

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It’s Easter, 2022; we should rejoice….

Many people around the world find this Christian holiday to be the most important. It’s a day when a profound number of people pray and give thanks for salvation. I imagine a great many people living in Ukraine are praying … Continue reading

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My memory resembles Swiss cheese… (Encore)

The bigger the memory, the bigger the hole. Or, maybe it’s the better the memory, the bigger the hole. That’s not really the issue. It’s more of a “which hole represents what” kinda thing. I’ve no problem with stuff I … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Sex — Part 2 (Encore)

Last time we scratched the surface of writing sex scenes. The essential takeaway was that a sex scene should be two-fold, at least. In other words, make sure there’s more to the scene than just sex. Pick an extra element … Continue reading

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