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When it flows (Encore)

When humans write, certain things happen in our brains that help us do what we do. The more we write, the more we train our gray matter to blot out distractions. Rather than think about the laundry that isn’t getting … Continue reading

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A Merger on Father’s Day (Encore)

Here it is, Father’s Day again, so here’s a tale which is, at least, marginally about a father and son. I hope my own kids don’t think I treated them like this. My pride in them has no bounds.  Aaron … Continue reading

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So, you wanna be a wordsmith? (Encore)

…then you’d best use words the way they’re meant to be used. I know I’ve misused words in the past. Like way too many writers, I get the past tense of lie and lay, laid and lain confused and have … Continue reading

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A guest blog… (Encore)

My human calls me a “chewer,” like it’s a bad thing. Sheesh. If only he knew my family history, but of course he doesn’t ’cause we adopted each other at the local pound. Don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful. I … Continue reading

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