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You’re stuck? Too bad. Some remedies, Part 1 (Encore)

Where did it all go wrong? Your story was cooking along nicely right up until– Hm. Somehow, somewhere along the way, something happened–either to the plot or your enthusiasm. Maybe both. Or maybe it was something else, some wrong turn, loose end, or … Continue reading

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Arty rules are rubbery (Encore)

It’s not that I hate saying it; I hate having to say it. Arty rules are rubbery. When writing, whether for a fiction market or in a memoir, the rules aren’t immutable. They weren’t etched in granite via lightning strike nor by vengeful gremlins … Continue reading

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Where Do Stories Come From?

Students often ask me this question, and I usually respond with a flippant answer. “It’s the bourbon,” I’ll say or something equally dumb. But it’s much more likely that I’ll get my ideas from daily life unless I’m just building a … Continue reading

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A Little Voice Exercise (Encore)

In writer’s circles, “voice” is often discussed as if it’s some mystical element that seeps out from the heavens–or maybe the depths of an adult beverage–to infuse one’s writing with the essence of truth, gravitas, or some other damn thing. … Continue reading

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