OLLI Classes Go Online

To absolutely no one’s surprise, a lot of people have been told to work from home, or just stay at home. Hopefully, this crazy virus won’t restrict our lives too much longer, but in the meantime, we all have to adjust. Kennesaw State’s branch of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is no exception, and they’ve made some major changes to accommodate folks who are now more or less forced to stay at home. They’re putting as many of their classes online as possible. That includes two of mine, both of which are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, April 15.

If you live in the Atlanta area, and you’re interested in either writing or publishing, one of my courses might just be what you’re looking for. The first is on novel-writing, the second is on independent publishing. Click on the class names to see the catalog listings. Under normal circumstances, OLLI would charge $119 for each class, but for this term, they’re offering a 20% discount. That’s a pretty nifty deal. (Full disclosure: the novel-writing class has a required textbook, The Naked Novelist! which sells for $15 on Amazon in paperback, or in ebook format for $5. I make autographed copies available in class for ten bucks.)

Since I’ve not met many of you in person, I don’t really know how to portray to you the kind of teacher I am. There is, however, a short video of me which the good folks at Kennesaw State University recorded back in June 2017. They asked me to talk about writing, and they asked me to keep it short. Oy. What an assignment! You can check it out right here.  (Be sure to turn your volume up.)

I’m sorry to cut this so short, but I’ve got to go and prepare my notes. I’m new at online learning, too!

Oh, and before I wrap this up, I want to let you know it appears that cover option #4, shown here, garnered the most votes, both from this blog site and an appearance on Facebook. My thanks go to all of you for your input. A final decision hasn’t been made, as I’m waiting on comments from a marketing associate, but I hope to release the book very soon. Once again, thank you, everyone!

Stay well.


About joshlangston

Grateful and well-loved husband, happy grandparent, novelist, editor, and teacher. My life plate is full, and I couldn't be happier. Anything else I might add would be anticlimactic. Cheers!
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7 Responses to OLLI Classes Go Online

  1. Josh, do you know where I might find a list of OLLI courses that will be taught online? The web site doesn’t filter them by online yet. Thanks!

    • joshlangston says:

      Hey, Robert! See the list of all online KSU/OLLI classes below. Unfortunately, the embedded links aren’t carrying over. But this should give you a good place to start.

      April OLLI Courses – Now 20% off!

      04/01/2020 – Bridge in the 21st Century – Part III- Defense
      04/01/2020 – French Conversation I
      04/02/2020 – Advanced Spanish Conversation
      04/03/2020 – Ballet Barre and Low Impact Aerobic
      04/06/2020 – Ballet Barre and Low Impact Aerobic
      04/06/2020 – Boys of Summer-Hollywood’s Best Baseball Films
      04/06/2020 – Let’s Go Outside and Paint – Successful Methods of Plein Air Painting
      04/06/2020 – Oil Painting – Beginning
      04/06/2020 – Pause to Practice
      04/06/2020 – Pilates Basics
      04/06/2020 – Spanish is Fun! Part III
      04/06/2020 – The Civil War in Georgia
      04/07/2020 – Bridge in the 21st Century – Part I
      04/07/2020 – Calligraphy – The Art of Beautiful Writing
      04/07/2020 – Drawing FUNdamentals
      04/07/2020 – Easy Spanish Conversation
      04/07/2020 – Exploring Alaska
      04/07/2020 – Gentle Yoga
      04/07/2020 – Introduction to French I
      04/07/2020 – Jewelry Making – Techniques for Beginners
      04/07/2020 – Oil Painting – Intermediate
      04/07/2020 – Open Studio-Advanced Instruction for Oil and Acrylic Painters
      04/07/2020 – Pencil, Pen and Ink – Intermediate
      04/07/2020 – Pilates Basics
      04/07/2020 – Soul Coaching
      04/07/2020 – Spanish is Fun! Part I
      04/08/2020 – Gentle Yoga
      04/08/2020 – Introduction to French II
      04/08/2020 – Introduction to French III
      04/08/2020 – Let’s Begin With Computers!
      04/08/2020 – Memoir Writing From the Senses
      04/08/2020 – Read Like a Writer
      04/09/2020 – Gouache Painting
      04/09/2020 – Introduction to French IV
      04/09/2020 – Introduction to PCs
      04/09/2020 – Jewelry Making – More Techniques
      04/09/2020 – Masters of Comedy, Part 2: The Great Stone Face: The Films of Buster Keaton
      04/09/2020 – Medicare 101 – Navigating the Medicare Maze
      04/09/2020 – Spanish Is Fun! Part IV
      04/13/2020 – Beyond Spanish is Fun
      04/13/2020 – Introduction to Italian I
      04/13/2020 – Introduction to Italian II
      04/13/2020 – Spanish is Fun! Part II
      04/14/2020 – Astronomy – What’s Out There?
      04/14/2020 – Collector of Stories
      04/14/2020 – Explore Your Ancestors: Taking Your Research Online
      04/15/2020 – Publish Your Own Book
      04/15/2020 – Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors I
      04/15/2020 – Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors II
      04/15/2020 – Windows 10
      04/15/2020 – Write your novel, NOW!
      04/16/2020 – Bridge in the 21st Century – Part III- Defense
      04/16/2020 – Conversations in Italian
      04/16/2020 – Do I Need an Estate Plan?
      04/16/2020 – Introduction to Italian III
      04/16/2020 – Tactical Bassin” on a Fly Rod”
      04/20/2020 – Florals in Watercolor
      04/20/2020 – Let’s Learn to Sign! – Beginning American Sign Language (ASL I)
      04/21/2020 – Legends and Basic Playing of the Native American Flute
      04/21/2020 – Mah Jongg
      04/22/2020 – Communicating Through Social Media
      04/22/2020 – Digital Photography – Introduction
      04/23/2020 – Race, Gender, Capitalism and Colonialism in 18th-20th Century Modern Fiction
      04/25/2020 – Understanding Medicare
      04/27/2020 – Instant Piano
      04/27/2020 – The Joy of Singing
      04/28/2020 – Social Security and Retirement Income Planning
      04/29/2020 – Easy Steps to Safeguard Your Computer
      04/29/2020 – Feud-Hatfields and McCoys-The Real Story

      Questions? Contact us at 470-578-6765 or reply to this email. We’re always here to help!

  2. Gerald Flinchum says:

    Go To the website for College of Professional Education https://cpe.kennesaw.edu/
    COURSES-then to 50+ OLLI PROGRAM- lists all courses offered at CPE-OLLI. Just click on a course for schedule and information.
    Don’t forget on the OLLI main page, right side is the OLLI Scholarship=”Chet & Al” Scholarship to apply for FREE courses. A simple online form plus write a short reason you’d like to take a course.

  3. dorisreidy says:

    Here’s a chance to study with a super-duper teacher. Josh has been my mentor/teacher/designer/publisher through all seven of my books. I truly wouldn’t be published if not for him. Plus, he’s nice and funny.

  4. Amanda says:

    Love that video! Totally agree on the rubbery rules of writing, though I can hear my 8th grade English teacher Mrs. Rue spinning in her grave at the thought of flouting grammer rules 😁. Good luck with the on-line classes!

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