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A Conversation About Dialog

What is it that makes one novel better than another? What facets of the craft elevate a story from pro forma to profound? The first two are absurdly easy to pinpoint: great characters and intriguing plots. In addition to clear … Continue reading

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A Word About Mechanics

I’m talking about writing mechanics, not the folks who keep our cars running. (That’s a whole different breed of magic about which I’m not qualified to comment.) Of all the many things a novice writer can do to improve his … Continue reading

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The Scoop on the Scouts

Sorry, this isn’t about kid scouting. It’s about horn-blowing. My own, actually. And something called Kindle Scout. And my new book. More about that anon. One of the hardest things for independent authors to do is self-promote. Doing it well … Continue reading

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Trust Your Readers!

After all, they trusted you enough to buy your book. Let’s back up a step or two. Just who are these people who took a chance on your ability to string nouns and verbs together in an entertaining fashion? Where … Continue reading

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