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Passion isn’t enough

When it comes to writing creatively, passion certainly helps, but I think it’s over-rated. In addition to passion, there are several other P-words which apply. The one most critical to your success probably won’t be the same for me, but every word … Continue reading

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Arty rules are rubbery

It’s not that I hate saying it; I hate having to say it. Arty rules are rubbery. When writing, whether for a fiction market or in a memoir, the rules aren’t immutable. They weren’t etched in granite via lightning strike nor by vengeful gremlins … Continue reading

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Moving ain’t like editing…

…except for one little thing. It occurred to me after spending day after day in my basement dealing with a vast accumulation of stuff — and yes, I’m using stuff in lieu of a much more graphic, though certainly appropriate, word — that I’d seen manuscripts … Continue reading

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Mom’s Day musing

My life seems to consist of one split focus after another. I’m astonished at finishing anything. This past week is a good example. Not only did my bride and I share the desperate need to get our house ready to go on … Continue reading

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Editing schmediting

“I’m writing my life story, and no one knows it better then me. So what can an editor do that I can’t do for myself?” For openers, a good editor can help you avoid looking foolish, and that assumes you’re … Continue reading

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