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A different “take” on audio memoir

The audio part isn’t so hard, but the pix…. In working on my memoir textbook, I reached the section about doing a recorded version of one’s story, which I reasoned wouldn’t be terribly difficult. The content is the same after all, even if the delivery method … Continue reading

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What you need is…

…A Time and a Place I’ve often heard people talk about something called “writer’s block,” but the ones doing the talking are rarely writers, by which I mean folks who spend a good deal of time, day-to-day, stringing words together … Continue reading

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My writing partner’s view on our collaboration

Uh, Josh. About that…. I asked my former writing partner, Barbara Galler-Smith, to read and comment on my recent tirade about collaborations. I couldn’t think of anyone more uniquely qualified to add her two cents worth. She was not only kind enough … Continue reading

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My View on Collaborations

“Know whut? We should write a novel!” And thus, all too often, are collaborations born. How many times this has occurred is unknowable, although I’d guess the thought has crossed the minds of nearly every writer at one time or … Continue reading

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