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You want me to do *what?*

For two long months, my memoir-writing students sat through my critiques of their work. Finally, they’d had enough. “Show us what you can do,” they said, in various shades of unison. So I did. The following is my answer to a descriptive … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Collaboration

Sometimes, collaborating on a story is easy; sometimes it’s unbearably difficult, even impossible. And sometimes, it’s magical. My current collaboration is a perfect example. And because such magical opportunities are rare, I’m stepping away from my usual sort of post to talk about … Continue reading

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Highs and lows

Slow and steady may win some contests, but if that’s how your story moves along, you might as well take up something else, like gastropod racing. If, on the other hand, you’d like to write stuff that folks might actually want … Continue reading

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Edit? You mean I’m not done yet?

Whoa. Edit my own book? Where would I even start? For most writers, especially those who haven’t already completed at least a couple full-length novels, you need to let your work cool off before you do anything. Why? Because your brain believes your … Continue reading

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