Gettin’ Organized — Part 2

Dollarphotoclub_74352954 smI suppose I should rename this part:  “Fun With Files!” But then, nah.

I get it. Dealing with computer files isn’t something any of us really want to do. On the scale of good times, file maintenance ranks somewhere between flossing and having a colonoscopy. But it’s gotta be done, and understanding both how and why will make working on your project a lot easier. Honest!

Macs and PCs both provide splendid tools for managing files. They aren’t exactly the same, but for our purposes, they’re quite similar and achieve the same ends. On the PC, the function is called “File Explorer.” On the Mac it’s “Finder.”

Here’s a screen shot of what you’d see on my PC after I clicked the File Explorer icon on the task bar at the very bottom of my screen:

File Exp cap 0

And, yes, I know it’s too tiny to read anything. That’s okay. I’ll enlarge the parts we’re interested in. All you need to know from this, is how I got here (#1), and where I’m going next (#2).

File Exp cap 1You’ll recall from part one of this romantic <cough> journey of discovery, that we created a couple file folders on the desktop. We put them there because they’re readily visible when the computer first boots up, and we can get to them easily–then and later. Here’s a closer look at the part of the screen circled above. The very first file group mentioned is Desktop. To see what’s currently stored on the Desktop, just click the little arrow gizmo to the left of the name: >   That will cause all the folders and files which are stored there to become visible. It’s like, I dunno, magic!

File Exp cap 2We can take this further and reveal what’s stored on the Desktop. You can see I store all kinds of stuff there, but it’s broken down into manageable piles which are stuffed into appropriately named file folders. You can put file folders inside other file folders, too. And more folders inside them–on and on and on. As far as you need to go. And whenever you wish to see what’s in them, you just click on the little arrow. Note: If the arrow points down–v–then the contents are already on display.

File Exp cap 3If you need to move a file from one folder to another, put your cursor on the file name, press and hold the left mouse button, and drag the file name to wherever you want it to go. You can drag entire file folders, too, if that helps meet your needs. I tried to get this screen-shot when the file was en route. And by golly, it sorta/kinda is.

Anyway, what I moved in this effort was a file called “contacts”–from my Downloads folder to another folder called Blog stuff. I almost got there, too, when the camera snapped the picture. At the time, the file was hovering over another folder, which is why it was highlighted instead of the destination folder. The function will highlight whatever could be a target destination for what you’re moving, making it simple to put things where you intend them to go.

Okay, now it’s time to go practice on your own files. Drop me a line if you have any problems. I don’t pretend to be a techie or a file management guru, but I know enough to keep track of everything I need to keep track of. If I can do it, you can, too.

Good luck!


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