Big doin’s in SageLand….

First things first: a HUGE mea culpa for not posting anything these past many weeks. I’ve been extraordinarily busy. However, I’m going to try and make it up to y’all. A little at a time, most likely, but that’s the best I can do.

cover hi-liteThe good news: I’ve finished The 12,000-year-old Whisper, and it’s available now in both paperback and e-book formats. I’ve also finished one of two extraordinary memoirs, though I don’t yet have permission to promote either of them.

Lastly, a great friend of mine, and a truly gifted writer, has had her first novel accepted by Amazon Scout. This terrific new program gives authors the chance to not only have their work published and promoted by Amazon, it pays them an advance as well. Imagine that–real money! Doris Reidy was one of my first students when I started teaching classes on fiction writing, and she was convinced–way back then–that fiction writing simply wasn’t in the cards for her.

ebook cover 3Boy, was she wrong! Check here and see for yourself. Oh, and while you’re there, PLEASE vote for her book, Five For The Money. It’s a story everyone can both appreciate and enjoy.

Full disclosure: I took a little time off. Along with my bride (and partner in crime), I went to the Black Hills of South Dakota, with friends, for about a week. We hit every touristy thing we could find, and enjoyed ’em all. Can’t say enough wonderful things about the incredible people living in South Dakota, despite the winters. <shiver> As far as I’m concerned, they’re all honorary Southerners, every last one. Anyway, we’re back, and we have the photos to prove it. Bring bourbon, and we’ll share ’em.

I’m (sorta) rested, and things are now happenin’ faster than I can keep track. I must’ve spent too much time with my dentist son. Now I’m checking the20150928_095025 dentition of (hopefully) extinct critters. (See photo.) This one clearly needed a root canal, or maybe a lobotomy. <shrug> I’m also deeply concerned about the cra– er, stuff leaking out on the stand.

Next up: changes to Sage Of The South. A brand new page called Special Offers has been added. Now you’ve got a convenient and easy way to score free reading material. What could be better?

Look for updated Free Fiction in the next few days. I’ve got a brand new short story going into an anthology that’s due out early November, and I’ll be posting a copy here, too.

I’m currently knee-deep in teaching classes and editing memoirs, so I don’t know how often I’ll be able to update the blog, but I haven’t forgotten it, I promise! (And there’s a rumor floatin’ around that a new textbook on memoir writing is in the works: The Naked Truth. More later.) Oh, and I’m getting closer and closer to starting my next novel. Another Little Primitive tale? A sequel to Resurrection Blues? I dunno, yet. We’ll see. Any requests?

Thank you for your patience. I’ll climb back in the blogging saddle soon, I swear.


About joshlangston

Grateful and well-loved husband, happy grandparent, novelist, editor, and teacher. My life plate is full, and I couldn't be happier. Anything else I might add would be anticlimactic. Cheers!
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2 Responses to Big doin’s in SageLand….

  1. Karen Boyce says:

    Yea, a book on memoir writing! I’ve really enjoyed “Write Naked” but looking forward to your next project which will really be a help for me.

  2. We will take what we can get 😉

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