If you want to be heard, whisper…

hallelujah-squirrelI’m still behind schedule, and still covered up with stuff I have to do right away, but… I’ve made some progress on several different projects. And I actually finished a couple. So, let’s hear a hearty hallelujah!

Unfortunately, I’ve still got too much on my plate to dig back into the audio memoir series I started a short while ago. Never fear, I will get back to it, but I have to get some other work done first. Sorry. Commitments, y’know?

On the plus side, I finished the first draft of my new Cover 1 smallnovel, The 12,000-year-old Whisper. I’ll be making it available as a pre-order from Amazon and Smashwords, but that’s still in the works.

Also still in the works is a final cover. I’m working with Nolan Boyce, a talented young artist from suburban Chicago. (Sorry, publisher buds, I got ‘im first!) The lad is doing his best to interpret my feverish ravings about what I want in a cover. Meanwhile, I’ve cobbled together a substitute so I’ll have something to post for folks looking to pre-order the new book. That option should be available soon, and I’ll post something here when it is.

Thanks again for you patience!


About joshlangston

Grateful and well-loved husband, happy grandparent, novelist, editor, and teacher. My life plate is full, and I couldn't be happier. Anything else I might add would be anticlimactic. Cheers!
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13 Responses to If you want to be heard, whisper…

  1. Mark Langston says:

    Dear Josh:this Nolan Boyce in Chicago wouldn’t by any chance related to Karen and Wally Boyce, by anychance would he? I smell a little nepotism.Mark.

  2. An-l says:

    Josh, Did you decide on the name “The 12,000 Year Old Whisper” rather than “Artifact?” Will read the other chapters this weekend — I’ve had and still do have too much on my mind to read much during the daytime and night time is out on the computer.

    Thanks again for time spent with me Thursday. You left the picture and document here, but you have plenty to do. It can wait.

    You and Anne have a great weekend. Annel I plan to tell Brent and Mel this weekend — I’m dreading it though.

  3. Your writing is probably amazing but a hot babe on the cover will definitely not hurt! 😉

    • joshlangston says:

      “Probably amazing…” Oh, the slings and arrows! I should prob’ly send you an ARC. (As for the cover, I guess I could also do one with a hunky male. Would you be more inclined to read such a version?)

      • I admit my ignorance–what is an ARC??! I probably will buy your book, and it probably will be awesome. Part of the fun of blogging is making blog “friends” and then reading their books.
        Hunky male?–well, maybe in my teens or twenties. Gave up the bodice rippers a long time ago, LOL. Real live husband is ever so much better!

      • O.M.G. I now now what that is. Would you really do it?? I would love it. I have never done a book review but would do one if you trust me to do it. If you are not joking, contact me through my blog.

  4. joshlangston says:

    I’d be happy to send you one. The release date for “Whisper” is Oct. 1st. Feel free to remind me, as my memory tends to resemble Swiss cheese. Melted.

  5. Joan Page says:

    Hi Josh! Very exciting! I’ve been reviewing your book “Writing Naked” all summer & have even shared it with another writer friend. It’s been very helpful for both of us! Hope to be under your instruction again at ELM in the fall…miss seeing you & learning from you, but your voice continues to echo in my mind: “Thou shalt not be boring.”

  6. joshlangston says:

    If my charges learn nothing else, I pray they’ll remember that first commandment!

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