Mea culpa

Dollarphotoclub_21773956 txtIt’s time to admit the awful truth: I can’t keep up. Between editing jobs, the need to finish my novel by the end of the summer (The 12,000-year-old Whisper is at least a couple thousand years behind),  and maybe about a million other things, I can’t afford the time to research my blog topic and write posts on a timely basis.

The lawn hasn’t seen a mower blade since last year; the front yard is a wilderness nightmare, and the decks haven’t been visible since I blew off the debris back in ’09 (or thereabout). And the pond–oh, my Lord–the poor pond. The fish hate me, and the neighborhood is now infested with billions of froglets which are normally transported elsewhere before graduating from tadpole school.

So, that’s it. I’ve fallen behind, and I don’t know when I’ll get (caught) up. I’m trying, but it doesn’t look good. If you’re waiting for something from me, I’m afraid it’s gonna be content txtdelayed a bit longer. And all you new projects out there–you know who/what/where I’m talkin’ about–I still feel the allure. I’ll get to all of you, eventually.

Just be patient while I mollify the fish. And the yard. And my wonderful, patient, and ever-so-understanding bride.


About joshlangston

Grateful and well-loved husband, happy grandparent, novelist, editor, and teacher. My life plate is full, and I couldn't be happier. Anything else I might add would be anticlimactic. Cheers!
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6 Responses to Mea culpa

  1. Judy Holby says:

    Oh my. You’re just a little overwhelmed I’d say. I do believe it is time to take a step back. Good luck with that pond thing.

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  2. polinto says:

    I feel your pain! You try to help so many people at once! You’re forgiven.

  3. We all get overwhelmed from time to time. It’s understandable you have overextended yourself. It’s summer. It’s summer, go have a cold drink with your friend Jack Daniels. Delegate some of your duties to other people.

  4. Lloyder says:

    Well written as usual. With that in mind I have decided to put the Dog/Horse cup project on hold for a while. This doesn’t mean the hedge will be trimmed, and or the gutters finally cleaned of two plus years of debris. But one can always hope for a generous son to come forward. So, I certainly understand your position. Later dude!., Lloyder

  5. Well, you are human. You passes the test, LOL.

  6. joshlangston says:

    Thanks, all of you. One of the biggest problems I have is saying, “Yes.” Whoever came up with that old line about “if you want something done, give it to someone who’s busy,” really oughta be shot.

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