Wow — what a party!

Colonial dames

You couldn’t hope for two nicer gals than Pam and Faye.

It’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s just say I was a lot more worried than the folks who did so much to make this happen. No one could ask for better friends. My only regret is that I let some of them hide behind their cameras when what I wanted was good pictures of them. Are you listening Kathi and Dave Schwengel? Jim and Amy Hunkler?

Several folks pulled out all the stops, like Pam Olinto and Faye Martin (shown here), who not only brought in goodies, but dressed for the occasion, too. Talk about “colonial dames!” Look no farther than these two lovelies. Several other folks joined in the effort, too. Doris Reidy, and Pam’s husband, Crosby, Steve and Madison Boyce, Rhonda Zion and Flora Odum. Most of these folks were decked out in colonial era finery.

TT and JL

Can I interest you in a book about the revolution?

It’s terribly risky to name names, because one always runs the risk of leaving someone out. So let me just say the turn out was spectacular. So many friends, new and old, showed up to support the whacko in the red suit.

I think some people may have mistaken me for Santa Claus. It’s understandable, as we share some characteristics, most notably a [cough] aerodynamic shape and a red suit. And yet, despite my lack of a beard and the requisite fur-lined red hat, sack of toys, and team of reindeer, folks still wanted me to pose with them for pictures. (Just ask Faye for details about our walk down the street after the “After” party! I’m sure we fogged up the camera lenses on half a dozen smart phones.)


The cake was truly a work of art.

We ate well, however. The good folks in the deli department of the Publix at Macland and Powder Springs Roads knocked the redcoats off the battlefield with their cake. It looked magnificent, and tasted awfully good, too. If you were at the launch and didn’t get a taste, shame on you. You left too early!

The book signing went well, although I had to stop and sharpen the nib on my quill way too many times. Who knew so many folks would want signed copies? I had high hopes, but thanks to so many great people, they were exceeded. I’m sure I annoyed everyone with my smiles, but I just couldn’t stop.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Happily, no one stoned the author during or after the reading, even though he tossed out suspicious-sounding terms like “brazen,” “missionary position,” and “in flagrante dilecto.”

The gathering took place at the “Local Exchange,” an amazing store on the square in downtown Marietta, GA. The staff there is nothing short of terrific–always pleasant, helpful, and eager to be of assistance. Working with them was a joy.

Steve and Maddie

Steve and Madison Boyce had the whole place envious.


His nibs, sharpening–wait for it–his nib!

I’m happy to report that I gave away almost as many books as we sold, since anyone who wore a period costume to the event was given a signed copy as a token of my appreciation.

Now I’m really going to have to buckle down and get some work done on the new book. It’s set right here in Georgia, so I’m hoping I’ll get many volunteers to costume up for that launch. ‘Course, a good half of that tale takes place circa 12,000 BC.

Should be a hoot!

Thanks again, everyone!


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Grateful and well-loved husband, happy grandparent, novelist, editor, and teacher. My life plate is full, and I couldn't be happier. Anything else I might add would be anticlimactic. Cheers!
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2 Responses to Wow — what a party!

  1. Lloyder says:

    Josh thank you for a most memorable event. We totally enjoyed everything about the launch. And congrats on a truly great book. Lloyd

  2. Amanda Rillema says:

    Glad it was such a hit!

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