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My grandmother used to say…

I missed out on the potentially helpful nuggets of wisdom which three of my grandparents might have shared with me. Unfortunately, they all left this world by the time I was three. I sincerely hope the jump they got toward … Continue reading

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Hooks, lines and stinkers

Okay, I admit I’m cheating, on a couple things. First, I’m recycling some material from the webpage I maintain for my creative writing class. Second, I cheated on the title. I’m only going to talk about lines here, specifically: opening … Continue reading

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New year; new classes; new book

2014 has begun, and already I feel like I’m coughing on the exhaust from the bus leaving me behind. Gotta catch up! Gotta catch– Gotta– Guh. The classes at ELM — Enrichment of Life Movement — are going to be … Continue reading

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