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Virgins are people, too!

What? Virgins are people, too? Of course they are! They’re also a primary category in my conglomerated approach to the characters of popular fiction: Villains, Virgins, and Vigilantes. Who could take a look at dear, sweet Nell — Dudley Do-Right’s … Continue reading

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Villains, part two

This is the second installment of Villains, Virgins and Vigilantes. Just How Mean Is Mean Enough? Remember, we’re still working on the first “V” in our Villains, Virgins and Vigilantes hierarchy. Presumably, you have a working version of your villain, … Continue reading

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Villains, Virgins and Vigilantes

For my purposes, “virgins” should probably be replaced by “victims,” but the former is more fun, so I’ll stick with it, though I may revert to using the more correct designation later. Be warned! What makes popular fiction popular? Is … Continue reading

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