One more time…

While digging through the digital detritus on my hard drive — the stuff never seems to stop breeding — I happened upon a book trailer produced for Druids, my first published novel. I somehow managed to forget about it, even though it features a young lady who is ever near to my heart, the lovely and talented Miss Alexis Langston (who is now almost seven, and thankfully retains all the charm and grace she displays in the video).

My favorite sales girl!

My favorite sales girl!

Here’s the link:

I can remember back in the early 90’s when my friend, Barbara Galler-Smith, and I were working furiously on the first book in what we hoped would become a multi-volume series. One of the issues which bothered me at the time was how my mother would react to some of the racier scenes in the book. I was in my 40’s back then, and my own kids were off in college. Geez — what would Mom think when she read the… you know… steamy stuff? Barb had similar concerns, but as a middle school teacher, she had other readers in mind, to say nothing of their parents.

It turns out we were worried about the wrong audience. It takes so long to get a book published through conventional channels, that by the time Druids finally hit the market, my mother was gone, and I was concerned about what my grandchildren would think when they encountered my unbridled literary libido!

Well, who knows? Maybe by then I’ll be dead, too, or at least way past caring. <smile> I have a feeling, however, that little miss Lexi will be most forgiving. Besides, there are two other books in the series which are even worse!



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  1. kathils says:

    That has got to be the best book trailer I’ve ever seen!

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